Team Mindcrusch is all about helping un-zen people find peace.  Whether you’re too fidgety to meditate, too busy to breathe, or just don’t like the smell of incense, we’re here to help!

Our approach hinges on the idea of “mental engineering”, or viewing your mind and relationships as a series of interacting systems, and utilizing engineering principals to help optimize those systems.  This approach is very individualized, as not everyone chooses to optimize for the same things.  Some people want to reduce their social anxiety, while others just want to feel more motivated and less stressed at work.  The beauty of “mental engineering” is that it works as a customizable set of protocols for solving problems, rather than unsupported tactics that can be hit or miss.

By taking some of the fun quizzes on the site to help identify key personality aspects, and then implementing new tactics in a strategic manner, everyone can move towards their desired mindfulness goals with or without a meditation practice.  In general, we just want to help people feel better, and have fun while they improve their lives 🙂