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American Unity

The #debate tonight, right?   In a word: yikes.   What do we, as Americans, even do with this? Do we break down into opposing camps with sloganed tshirts, Adorable Deplorables vs. Miss Clinton if You’re Nasty? Sit back and

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Negative Optimism and the Millenial Psyche

Excuse the pretentious title, but I’m trying to do one of those “thinkpieces” that’ll get me into “reputable publications.” So just be cool ok? Don’t blow my cover. Here we go: Millennials are a weird group. Supposedly self-obsessed, yet the

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I’m Terrible at Writing, so I’m Going to Keep Doing it

The other day I posted a note with a title that began “How to Introverts”. While this will likely be the intentional title of something I post in the future, this time it was the accidental combination of two potential

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How to Introverts Can Use Writing to Deal with an Extroverted World

The stereotype of the bookish introvert writing a novel is a well known trope in pop culture. But writing can be a vital skill worth developing, and can even help introverts deal with the constant barrage of noise in both

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Living Like No One’s Watching in a World Where Everyone’s Watching

At the risk of sounding like a paranoid nutburger, I have to say something about the world as it is today: privacy is dead. Between corporate data mining, government monitoring, the potential for spy drones, implanted tracking devices, nosy neighbors,

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Starting 2017 Off Right by Starting it Right Now

You know how annoying it is when stores skip past Halloween AND Thanksgiving and start putting up Christmas decorations in October? Well allow me to be even MORE annoying by skipping all the way to New Year’s! Not that I’d

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I’m (finally) Back! And I Brought…Stickers?

If you’re reading this after reading any of previous posts, you’re *probably* wondering what happened to me after that New Years Resolutions post (if you’re new here, welcome! and ignore this first sentence, haha.) The answer is, well, a lot! I’ve been

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Changes for 2016! (a belated “New Year’s Resolutions” post)

Hello again, long time no talk 🙂 Though it’s taken a while to announce it, I’ve been planning some exciting new things for 2016 for the past couple of months.  The most notable feature will be “Three Questions”, an interview

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5 days of S-mas: Sustain

Our final “S” is “Sustain!”  In a machine shop this is generally implemented in the form of reviewing how the other 4 “S”s are functioning within the shop, determining if they can be improved, and developing a process to do

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5 days of S-mas: Standardize

Today’s aspect of 5S is “Standarize”.  This step is key in a manufacturing setting, as it allows for the organization in “Sort”, the rearrangements in “Straighten”, and the cleanliness of “Shine” to be easier to maintain by implementing efficient, repeatable

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