Changes for 2016! (a belated “New Year’s Resolutions” post)

Hello again, long time no talk ūüôā

Though it’s taken a while to announce it, I’ve been planning some exciting new things for 2016 for the past couple of months. ¬†The most notable feature will be “Three Questions”, an interview series with some of the coolest people I know! ¬†I’ll be featuring a new person each month, so keep an eye on the newsletter for announcements. ¬†Additionally, I’ll be launching an e-course, though that venture is still solidly in the development phase. ¬†I can’t wait to move it along!

However, the main point of this article is “New Years Resolutions”, right? ¬†Well, even though most people have set theirs on New Years day and already given up¬†by this point in January, ¬†here at I say a fresh start can come whenever you need it! ¬†So, even though there’s plenty of controversy as to whether or not to have resolutions in the first place, how you should set intentions instead, OR even why you should create very specific goals, we’re sticking to the old school approach with the following resolutions for 2016:

1)Be Consistent

While this is certainly a personal goal that can extend to every part of life, the main idea behind consistency this year is to ensure there’s always new content available on the blog, as well as quizzes, ebooks, and courses that can help you improve your life! ¬†Being consistent will ensure that the “mindcrusch monday” newsletter will be a weekly source of valuable information¬†in your inbox from here on out ūüôā

2)Be Kind

Another goal that can be used to improve life outside this blog, kindness is a resolution that will help ensure anything that appears on this website¬†comes from a mindset of service and truly wanting to help others. ¬†Having just finished listening to the audiobook version of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, I want to make sure I’m being kind in both my business and personal dealings, and generally improving¬†the lives around me (as well as my own!)

3)Be Bold

Robert Frost once stated that “freedom lies in being bold”, and I adhere to that principal whenever possible. ¬†In addition to being kind, I want to challenge myself to reach out to people! ¬†It’s easy to hide behind a computer screen, but meeting in person can give incredible insight and I don’t want to miss out.


Well, this wraps up my goals for 2016, I’m excited to start implementing them!¬† Comment below with one of your resolutions for this year, or your opinions on my selections!




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