I’m Terrible at Writing, so I’m Going to Keep Doing it

The other day I posted a note with a title that began “How to Introverts”. While this will likely be the intentional title of something I post in the future, this time it was the accidental combination of two potential headlines.
How did this happen? Well, the fact is I’m terrible at writing. Like, really, REALLY bad. I either write too flowery and obtusely (by using words like “obtusely”), or I literally write a three word sentence. Like this one.
I either over-explain what I mean and overwhelm whoever’s reading, or I leave my meaning completely unclear. I’m a lazy editor for my own work, and (even with a million tools and tactics at my disposal) often post things littered with typos, grammatical errors, and general style problems that immediately get me called out by the internet’s critical hordes.
But I’ve managed to make a few bucks with writing, and I’m committed to improving my craft. To quote the Pokemon theme song, I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.
So I’m going to keep writing. Every day. I might not post something every day, and every day I post something, it probably won’t be any good. But I’ll keep at it nonetheless.
Honestly, this is a shift from how I’ve approached things in the past. I would shy away from things I struggled with growing up. I felt like if I didn’t excel at it right of the bat, it probably wouldn’t be worth pursuing anyways.
This caused me to struggle to find my “passion” because there wasn’t really anything that I felt especially drawn to. I dabbled in a lot of things, but abandoned them because I didn’t know where those paths would lead.
Luckily, I finally figured out that the best path is one that you choose. I choose to write.
So if you read something I write and you like it, let me know! It’s a sign I’m improving. If I’m making your eyes bleed with my typos, let me know that as well! I’ll know where I need to focus more.
In all, I’m grateful I to have the time and energy to develop this skill, so I want to re-commit every day. If you’re trying to develop a skill, consider doing the same, and let me know how it goes!
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